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R-20 Corrosion Dissolver


About R-20


R-20 can be used as a bath with 1 part R-20 to 5 parts water (in Plastic container) Simply place corroded parts in the bath for between 3-24 hours. The corrosion is dissolved revealing only the base metal, which can then be prepared for painting.

R-20 has the ability to reach confined areas where blasting cannot reach.

R-20 is biodegradable and environmentally safe so can therefore be disposed of safely.

R-20 saves time by allowing the parts to be left overnight and worked with the following day without the need for the dangerous, labour intensive traditional methods of acid baths and sand blasting.

R-20 will not harm glass, rubber, plastic and will only remove paint where corrosion exists beneath the paint.

R-20 enables otherwise unusable tools to be recycled and used again.

R-20 can be used to unblock radiators while you keep working. Dilute 1 part R-20 to 5 Parts water. R-20 has been formulated with special inhibitors, which allow the product to be circulated in the engine cooling system for 7 days without affecting the base metals in the radiator and engine block. Allow the product to work for at least 12 hours then simply drain contents rinse thoroughly and fill with manufacturer approved coolant.

R-20 is suitable for all metals except zinc.

Parts placed in the bath should be properly de-greased, as R-20 will not penetrate grease.

R-20 is reusable and should be stored in a sealed plastic container to maximise its usable life. From time to time (depending on use) the bath can be replenished by adding more R-20.

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Corrosion Dissolver

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"Dont throw old parts away, Give them a bath and use them again and again"



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